Chassis Dynamometer Rates

Horsepower runs
$75.00 per vehicle
    Averages 1-3 pulls. Calculates vehicles baseline horsepower & air fuel ratio.

Tuning runs
$185.00 per hour
    Using our Chassis Dynamometer & Eddy Current Unit, an Eurotech technician tunes your vehicle for maximum performance. The Eddy Current Unit simulates steady-state driving conditions.

Dyno rental
$125.00 per hour
    Averages 5-7 pulls with cool-down time between runs. Includes air fuel monitoring & dynamometer operator.

DynoDay Club Special

Multi-vehicle discount
$50.00 per vehicle
    Receive our discounted price when your club registers 10 or more vehicles for a DynoDay. Each pre-registered vehicle will get at least 2 runs with air fuel monitoring.
    Only vehicles registered on the day of your reservation for a DynoDay are eligible for this special pricing.

Dyno Reservations

    Call us at 815/ 654-4191 to reserve dyno time. If you have any questions about our dyno, please contact us by phone or drop us an e-mail.
    Turns from an Inertia Only to an Eddy Current Dyno with just a click.
DynoJet ® Model 224xLC
  • 1500hp / 200mph
  • Graphed Results
  • Boost Measured
  • Air Fuel Ratios