What about the 15,000 mile oil change?

    All German brand cars have nearly always had extended recommendations for oil life. New vehicles with "full maintenance warranties" limit free oil services to 1 per year or when your indicator light comes on. Whichever happens first. This averages around 12-16k miles. We believe the engine will not fail prematurely using these guidelines. However, the long-term life of your engine might be extended with more frequent servicing.
    It is very important to frequently inspect fluids, belts, tires and hoses. A visit to us every 6 months or 6-7.5k miles for an oil & filter change, tire pressure check and comprehensive inspection can save you money & unnecessary breakdowns over the life of your vehicle.

Why should you use original brake replacement parts?

    Over the years we have tried many different variations of brake components.
We learned original brake rotors & linings perform better for everyday street use. Superior cold weather performance and lack of noises & vibrations make them ideal for daily driving conditions.
    The only drawback to original equipment is the dark grey brake dust caused from using brakes made of high carbon fibers. After-market linings eliminate the problem but can cause other issues to arise. We recommend you use original replacement parts unless the vehicle is for competition racing.
    Remember to go easy on your new brakes for the first 200 miles.
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